Specific, actionable, and relevant safety training

Everyone in a school community has the unique privilege and responsibility of working around children. Everyone should share the same understanding of safety. This course will help navigate boundaries, how to act and interact in a healthy and safe way and build close and professional relationships that empower students.

Your educators, faculty and staff will gain...

After taking SOS ThreeSixty Inc.'s Boundary Training

  • A clear and defined understanding of how to build strong relationships with students in a healthy way.

  • Knowledge of the specifics of grooming behavior so your entire staff has a consistent approach to boundaries and safety.

  • Defined protocols on addressing questionable situations and how to protect your entire community.

  • Certification and tracking for insurance and legal requirements.

  • An understanding of how certain students become vulnerable and how to help prevent this from happening at your school.

  • An overall culture of safety that protects your entire school community.

Protecting staff

Everyone who works in a school is potentially in a vulnerable position if something happens and it is not handled properly. This Boundary Training will protect against three factors: unfounded accusations, unintentional mistakes, and misconduct. This course presents the fundamentals of strong boundaries with practical and relatable examples and case studies that speak specifically to your school's culture. All your staff will will clearly understand their roles and responsibilities and be empowered to support the safest school community.


SOS ThreeSixty Inc. Boundary Training

  • Self-paced video training

    A 30-minute self-paced online course designed specifically for independent schools.

  • Valuable safety resources

    Access to resources that provide actionable steps your school community can take immediately to become safer.

  • Expert guidance

    Access to an expert to discuss any situations that may arise following the training.

Having a culture of safety

Sadly, children are harmed every day - and even worse - the person who harms them is most-often someone they know: a coach, a tutor or even a teacher or school staff member. The SOS ThreeSixty Inc. team, comprised of child safety experts and educators with decades of experience, will guide your staff through this important training.


Meet your

Nicole Mann is personally committed to creating the safest environments possible for students to learn and thrive. Nicole began her career working with LGBTQ+ inner-city youth in the 90s during the HIV/AIDs crisis, creating social programs and safe spaces to belong and to have fun. She went on to develop health advocacy programs for Indigenous youth in Mexico. Nicole also brings her expertise in public policy and communications to this work. She spent 20 years managing crisis communications globally for companies and non-profits. Nicole is a co-producer of the True Crime podcast “Making The Case" – a podcast that interviews crime survivors, advocates and law enforcement – and provides listeners with important tips on how to keep children safer. She has a MSc with Honors from the London School of Economics and a BA from Wellesley College.

Nicole Mann


Meet your

Avery Mann has dedicated his career to the safety of children. Working with federal, local and international law enforcement, he assisted in bringing hundreds of dangerous criminals to justice – many of whom were on the FBI’s ‘Ten Most Wanted’ list – during his 16 years with the original crime-fighting FOX TV program "America’s Most Wanted". Avery also spent five years at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children as VP, Communications, publicizing the work of the organization and leading the team responsible for safety education. Before founding SOS ThreeSixty, Inc., Avery was part of the senior team at the Bellevue (WA) School District. He’s also the host of "Making The Case" – a podcast that interviews crime survivors, advocates and law enforcement – and provides listeners with important tips on how to keep children safer. As a life-long advocate for child safety and justice, Avery received the U.S. Attorney General’s Meritorious Service Award and graduated with a Master of Science degree with honors, in Justice, Law and Society from The American University and a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Criminology from Simon Fraser University.

Avery Mann


What educators are saying about SOS ThreeSixty Inc. training...

“Continuous improvement is a core value of our organization, and we aim to provide professional development programs that empower our member schools to be more successful. We are thrilled to partner with SOS ThreeSixty, Inc. to offer this important boundary training course which will help our member schools have the best interactions with their students as they strive for exceptional teaching and extraordinary learning opportunities. ”

Associate Director of NWAIS

Emily McGrath

“At Redeemer Christian School, we seek to serve students with grace and excellence through building strong relationships. The training provided through SOS ThreeSixty’s online “Boundary Training for Schools: Creating a Culture of Safety” program has reinforced our efforts to build healthy and appropriate relationships with our students. The common sense, thorough approach reminded staff and faculty of perennial boundaries while also providing nuanced understanding of some less obvious pitfalls to teacher-student interactions. The training also engendered important questions and conversations for us to wrestle with as we go through the school year. Going forward, SOS ThreeSixty will become a regular and integral part of our safety and cultural training as a school. ”

Head of School, Redeemer Christian School

Luke Butler

“I have been in education for more than 25 years and this Boundary Training really did hit the mark (several actually) in a short period of time. Taking this course was quite assuring and humbling regarding the exposure busy independent schools face in our daily student interactions. In 30 minutes this training creates a really healthy balance between responsibility and the privilege of working with young people – all great in my book.”

Deputy Head of School, St. Michaels University School

Andy Rodford

“We were looking for a program that would engage our staff and build on their safety knowledge and skills. After completing the SOS Three Sixty Boundary Training, so many of my colleagues came up to me and said how strong and effective it was. They felt informed and were able to relate directly to the content and apply it in their everyday interactions with students. This training brings home important messages and gave us such a good vocabulary and framework to sit down together and have meaningful discussions within our school about connecting with our students in a caring and healthy way.”

Academic & Social-Emotional Specialist The Pingry School

Julie O'Rourke, PhD.

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