Topics covered

An effective course with relatable content, real examples and case studies.

  • Boundaries & appropriate interactions between teachers & other staff – and boarding and day students.

  • How to support students' academic and personal lives in a safe way within the school’s culture.

  • Understanding grooming and how it differs from appropriate teaching, coaching, and advising.

  • Managing student & family interactions.

  • Decreasing risks in the boarding environment for students when off-campus.

  • Creating a culture of safety and a common language for addressing challenges.

A comprehensive, effective and relatable training

Help eliminate unnecessary risks for every member of your school community

  • We track your school’s progress throughout the course and provide a certificate of completion for compliance.

  • Training your school community ensures a shared understanding of the roles and responsibilities for creating a safer learning environment.

  • Created with insight from school leaders, insurers and safety experts for the most thorough approach to safety in learning environments.

Social proof: testimonials

“SOS Three Sixty, Inc. brings a thoughtful, proactive and customized approach to difficult subject matter that schools and other organizations working with vulnerable populations must address. The presentations are engaging, with a combination of best practice information and case studies for staff members to apply what they have learned. SOS ThreeSixty, Inc. spent countless hours doing background research to get to know our school enabling them to specifically tailor their presentation to each level of our school, from the veteran teacher to the most recent hire - each employee left empowered to voice concerns about behaviors and student safety issues they might observe in their daily work”

Director of Risk Management, St. George’s School, Vancouver

Andrew Shirkoff

“I have been in education for more than 25 years and this Boundary Training really did hit the mark (several actually) in a short period of time. Taking this course was quite assuring and humbling regarding the exposure busy independent schools face in our daily student interactions. In 30 minutes this training creates a really healthy balance between responsibility and the privilege of working with young people – all great in my book”

Deputy Head of School, St. Michaels University School

Andy Rodford

“The Pro-D that we did with SOS ThreeSixty was the most useful that we’ve done for quite a while. SOS’s co-founder and presenter, Avery Mann, had the staff genuinely engaged as he took them through some very important areas. In our collective quest for safe schools, this resource is a ‘must have’ in my opinion.”

Head of School, Queen Margaret’s School, Avery Duncan, B.C.

David Robertson


  • Who should take the Boundary Training at your Boarding School?

    The SOS ThreeSixty, Inc. Boundary Training is designed for all Boarding school staff, as only an integrated safety community will effectively work together for student safety. The course is for: Teaching Staff, Residential Life, Non-Teaching Staff, Facilities Staff (Custodians, Security, Maintenance), Athletics Coaches and Contractors (including seasonal staff).

  • How long is the course and how do I access it?

    The self-paced Boundary Training course should take approximately 30 minutes to complete and is easily accessed on a computer or mobile device.

  • How do I ensure our school community retains the information throughout the year?

    SOS ThreeSixty, Inc. offers a live workshop, bringing to life the key aspects of the asynchronous program. Relevant and school-specific content will engage all members of your team, and the group workshop will reinforce and contextualize the key learnings. The workshop promotes a "shared language of safety" amongst all staff. These sessions are three hours in length and are best scheduled during a Professional Development Day.

Create a Culture of Safety at Your School

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